Young Preschool

Young Preschool (24 Months)

Grand Crossing Kid Care Toddler Program serves children 15 to 24 months. SmallĀ groups support high quality interaction between teachers and children. In smallĀ groups, children are more cooperative, more likely to engage in spontaneousĀ verbalization, and are more responsive to their peers. Toddlers who are supported by the teachers and develop secure attachments are more likely to explore their environment. It is through this primary care-giving process that children develop a sense of trust, security and comfort. Our Toddler Program balances child-directed play and teacher led activities in art, math, science, early literacy, and movement. Teachers promote process-based projects that build a toddler's curiosity and encourage them to explore their environment. Developmentally appropriate materials and toys in our toddler classrooms promote fine motor skills and cognitive development. The Toddler daily schedule focuses on language development through stories, movement and song. Toddlers also explore science through sensory materials, work with different art mediums and tools as well as express themselves through dramatic play and music.