Commitment To Excellence

A Commitment to Academic Excellence

We proudly offer a range of educational programs at Grand Crossing Kid Care for every age group. Each program is designed to be age-appropriate and is geared towards preparing children in their long journeys in life. Children come to us with the wonder, desire and will to learn. Our job is to make sure they leave Grand Crossing Kid Care with their inquisitive natures enhanced and with the discipline and tools to succeed. All of our programs were developed to adapt to the changing needs,interests, and abilities of the children in our care. We hope that their formative years spent with us are fruitful and fun-filled. We want to make wonderful memories in their childhood.

Background & Philosophy

Nearly eight years ago, Pastor John F. Hannah was given the vision of breathing "New Life" into the Grand Crossing Community. That vision included a learning environment where young children would be exposed to a world beyond walls. It has been said by many that, "Education is the Passport to Freedom." New Life Covenant S.E. and Building Blocks Learning Academy believed in this statement and teamed up to begin community transformation with early childhood education. Grand Crossing Kid Care was founded upon the principle philosophy that children need an environment, which allows them to play freely as well as learn the basic skills necessary for later school success. We also believed, that if we invested in our youngest citizens, we would be investing in our future! Both New Life Covenant S.E. and Building Blocks Learning Academy had one common goal and the process of fulfilling the dream was God inspired ... Close your eyes and imagine the safest place for our children; rooms that offer a variety of learning platforms, wall art that illustrate anything is possible, a leadership team that understand the social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of little people.

A place that embraces a global way of thinking, without learning and play restrictions. Imagine a place literally built on a foundation that includes the hand written prayers of our children and their parents. Now open your eyes ... Welcome to Grand Crossing Kid Care!